Regeneration in Beanhill

We will run workshops with residents in Beanhill in 2020 to discuss what needs to be done to improve the homes, environment and neighbourhood.

We will do this across Woughton, at the same time, to look at the overall vision and plan for the area.


...You will not miss out on support from YourMK.

If you are a council tenant we are fully committed to looking after your home. We will continue to provide an excellent responsive repairs and maintenance service.

If you have a repair that needs attention call us 24 hours a day on 0330 123 2522.

Meet Anne

Anne Bircham is your Community Partnership Officer

You can call her on 07702 899 615
or email

Anne is available in Beanhill each week
Moorlands Family Centre
Every Thursday

Community Communicators

We’re on the lookout for people living or working in Beanhill to become Community Communicators.

Communicators help us to help us get messages out where they live and work. We have 121 communicators across Milton Keynes, 16 of these are in Beanhill.

If you're interested, please contact Anne.

Community Contacts

Beanhill is part of Woughton Community Council (WCC). You can find out who your local parish councillors are and more about what WCC is on the link below
or call them: 01908 395681

Beanhill Action Group
Chair: Cath Pantling, Tel: 01908 674535,

Woughton Community Council